Intruder Alarms for Commercial and Home



Home Alarm Systems


Operating across the wider London area, our professional engineers are on hand to perform free home security appraisals,to meet the needs of your property.


We have an extensive range of house alarms, all at highly competitive rates, meaning we can supply security solutions to suit any budget.


We can supply systems for commercial and home use. Wireless and wired systems. Maintenance and servicing



Commercial Alarm Systems


We offer an extensive range of business security systems, with our expert engineers on hand to assess the specific needs of your commercial environment; designing, supplying and installing a system that accommodates the demand of the environment.



Wireless Alarm Systems


We offer a number of high quality wireless alarm systems for both domestic and commercial use, offering benefits over the standard cabled systems. These include a quicker and simpler installation, an increase in portability, and advanced safety features, as wires cannot be cut by potential intruders in order to break the system. Developments in technology now mean the strength of the wireless signal has been improved and can be transmitted much further and at much faster speeds, making wireless alarms as reliable as more traditional designs.


Our expert team can determine the specific needs of your property, before designing, supplying and installing the wireless burglar alarm most suited to you.